Who Will You Discover?

Discover peers inside and outside your enterprise that you should know

The web and mobile application that finds the most relevant people to you inside and outside your organization.

People that should already be in your network, working on similar projects, sales leads and knowledge sharing.

Break down your barriers and discover today. The opportunities are endless.

Users in 22,427 Companies in 83 Countries
We are now a certified SAP solution
Available via HANA Marketplace as a SuccessFactors
Extension on HCP with seamless integration into SAP Jam
For the enterprise explore your workforce...

EnterpriseJungle is a white label service that sits atop your ESN/HRIS or
proprietary collaboration platform bringing expertise, access to tribal
knowledge, peer recommendations and social context to the workforce.

ESN/HRIS Collaboration Solution : OnPrem & SaaS

  • Augment existing internal profiles with social data including education, experience and social network
  • Deliver a recommendation service to identify others people should know within the organization
  • Drive a stronger GAL to deliver “Similar People” and alternative recommendations
  • Provide access to expertise and tribal knowledge through free text search query ExpertConnect
  • Integrate user activity into the “Stream” to drive content and increased usage
  • Enterprise Grade Employee Analytics: Identify and Support Endeavours
  • Single Click Integration with multiple SaaS ESN/HRIS platform & OnPrem Solution

RESULT: Greater adoption, retention and action atop the ESN/HRIS platform

RESULT: A more transparent and flat workforce with simple access to resources that matter

RESULT: A more efficient, collaborative and peer environment with social context

Peer RecommendaTions

Just want analytics?

Enterprise analytics, visibility and workforce intelligence

  • Real Time Dashboard of your workforce and their social activity both in and outside the enterprise
  • Predictive Analytics to identify trends and movements within the workforce
  • Filter and Query the workforce with implicit and explicit vectors
  • View your total enterprise social graph and the value of the connections
  • Explore and identify strong ties with outside companies and professionals

RESULT: Weekly white label PDF report with core metrics

RESULT: At a glance understanding of the strengths and weaknesses within the workforce

RESULT: Drive expedited OnBoarding, Succession Planning and Internal Recruitment

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