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Our Mission Statement

Build the best products that solve problems with simple integration into the enterprise, low cost of ownership and short time to live. Period.

Make life easier by bridging the gap between the workforce and the content they need with any data, on any platform at any time.

  • Experts in design-led thinking.
  • Rapid prototyping & customer delivery.
  • Delivering products that enable the workforce.
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...but what
do we build?


Need to integrate SuccessFactors with Kronos, need to leverage SuccessFactors data to build an alumni platform, need to extend applications to meet your niche requirements? That's what we build.

EnterpriseJungle has built a number of existing off the shelf solutions for customers to try focused on finding information, knowledge and experts across the workforce. The applications include a powerful search and discovery tool designed to source and understand any dataset to derive implicit and explicit understanding of the content and the capability it can bring to the workforce.

Take your existing SAP and non-SAP products and enable them to do more...

...Ok, but why?

We Build, because we CAN!

Our team are the platform experts, innovators and designers of award winning products. Understanding how to integrate, extend, augment and implement intelligence to meet your specific needs.

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...SO, what’s in it
for YOU?

There are a LOT of Benefits!

Whether you are choosing one of our existing solutions or building something bespoke, the benefits are simple.

We deliver solutions to enable the workforce to work more efficiently, access information they need, visualize and interrogate data in real time making for a more produtive workforce and efficient business.